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Founding and philosophy



km credit consulting gmbh was founded in May 2009 by Markus Moritz and Jörg Peter Kowalewski, the managing directors. Both held senior positions with credit insurance companies and banks and possess many years of experience and comprehensive credit management know-how.

Individual advice is a matter of course

The motivation and goal of the company’s founders is to connect the classic services of an internationally operating industrial broker in covering del credere risks with the comprehensive business consulting that assesses the company’s entire del credere cycle and incorporates the results into the development of individual coverage concepts: km credit consulting. Results orientation, flexibility and experience shape the consulting services of km credit consulting. Using the “Boule ball” theme, we’d also like to visualize our self-image. There is hardly another sport that requires this level of patience, perseverance and goal orientation as well as a flexible approach towards constantly changing game situations – just like our credit management consulting concept.

Initiative requested: professionalization of credit managements

Especially in times of sinking coverage capacities and higher default risks, credit management must become a centralized corporate function. The professionalization of the internal credit management as well as a diversified risk strategy is essential in reducing bad debt, avoiding dependencies and ensuring corporate liquidity.

In doing so, there’s a focus on the competent assessment of the client’s creditworthiness by the company’s employees. An internal company criteria catalogue for the calculation of the default probability of a client’s receivables helps make a decision on supplier credits in the risk-neutral decision. The sales team plays a vital role in the systematic entry of the accrued data and its integration into existing systems.

Even the optimization of the working capital as a means of releasing tied-up capital is – especially in phases of reduced financial capabilities – one of the most important credit management functions.

Support for companies: five-phase model

km credit consulting supports internationally operating companies in the further development of their credit management – under integration of the entire del credere cycle. We work in a result-oriented, pragmatic and comprehensive fashion on the basis of a five-phase model.

1. Analysis: We listen to you, take notes, understand and analyze your business and risk strategy as well as your del credere process and, in doing so, lay the foundation for the development of a comprehensive credit management solution for your company.

2. Strategy: The coordination and preparation of the analysis results highlight the optimization potential. In cooperation with you, we make decisions regarding activities and solutions that are in alignment with your corporate strategy and then we determine how best to implement these.

3. Concept: We develop documents for tendering and systematically ask the key suppliers to submit offers. In doing so, we stipulate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that become part of the tender as well as the contract. We consolidate the results into a market overview that is the basis for the decision-making process.

4. Implementation: We implement the del credere risk solution in your company, advise you regarding all contract-related matters, and interface with the selected service providers. In addition, we offer employee qualification trainings.

5. Evaluation: The ongoing monitoring of the coverage concept in relation to the most important performance indicators is as much a part of our tasks as are the preparation of the performance diagnosis for the quarterly customer meetings and the common determination of necessary measures. We are also the contact person for matters related to daily operations; for example, for matters pertaining to registration and processing of claims.

During all phases we follow the same simple logic: Your company’s financing strategy creates the foundation for our actions and is therefore at the core of all our dialogs. Hence, together with you we derive the most appropriate del credere solution. Whether shortening the balance sheet, securing liquidity, gaining independence from the bank pool, hedging receivables or other focal areas is crucial to you – process and customer orientation are at the core of what we do.


Your contact person


Jörg P. Kowalewski

Managing Partner

km credit consulting

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Phone +49 (0)2858 918088-10




Markus Moritz

Managing Partner

km credit consulting

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Phone +49 (0)2858 918088-11


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