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Jörg Peter Kowalewski

Managing Partner

Jörg P. Kowalewski has many years of experience in the credit insurance sector. He was employed at Atradius Kreditversicherung as a team leader for Germany and was responsible for supporting the international program. Previously, at an internationally operating management consulting firm Jörg accompanied projects in sales, management and marketing for internationally operating corporate customers. Accordingly, the development and implementation of sales strategies belonged to his area of responsibility.

Within the scope of his job as a Senior Consultant, Jörg also assisted companies during the integration of key account management functions as well as the related qualification of employees. He began his career in the banking sector. Here he held various management positions in sales as well as in personnel and organizational development.

This complementary know-how is an ideal foundation for the individual customer consulting at km credit consulting gmbh.


Managing Partner Jörg Peter Kowalewski

Markus Moritz

Managing Partner

Markus Moritz has gained many years of experience in the credit insurance sector. Over the course of the last few years, the focus of activities was geared towards creating individual coverage concepts for international corporate clients, especially aligned to their structures and processes. As the responsible Director at Atradius Kreditversicherung, he was also active in this area. Markus began his career at Citibank, where he was the branch manager for the chain store business.

His many years of experience in the banking sector and the credit insurance business create the professional basis for his job at km credit consulting gmbh. In his discussions with banks and credit insurers regarding companies' accounts receivable management, Markus can therefore represent his customers' interests in the best possible way.


Managing Partner Markus Moritz

Sven Coels

Senior Credit Consultant

Sven Coels has more than 13 years of experience in credit insurance. As Senior Credit Underwriter his responsibilities included the extensive credit rating analysis of companies in Germany and abroad.

In recent years Sven was responsible for the credit rating and credit management of national and international key accounts with Atradius Kreditversicherung. This work included optimizing credit management, conducting credit audits, and managing portfolios. He also played a sales support role in the acquisition and implementation of new customers.

Thanks to his analytical skills and international experience Sven is excellently equipped to be able to support km credit consulting gmbh customers with issues relating to credit management.


Senior Credit Consultant Sven Coels

Mark Sieber

Senior Credit Consultant

Mark Sieber is a qualified bank clerk and has a degree in business management. The main focus of Mark’s activities during recent years was on the development of individual claims-based financing concepts for German and multinational companies and corporations.

Within this context Mark mainly held managerial roles, including at Coface S. A. for 10 years. He took on the overall responsibility of Coface Finanz GmbH – one of the market-leading receivables financiers in Germany – as the managing director. In this position Mark was responsible for departments including sales, client relationship management, bonding, ABS and reverse factoring.

As the divisional manager for the sales management of Coface S. A.’s North European region, Mark was responsible, for example, for the restructuring of the company’s sales organization, its structures, processes, remuneration systems and controlling instruments. Activities in the Sparkassen organization, the cooperative DG Diskontbank and VR Factorem round of Mr. Sieber’s profile.


Senior Credit Consultant Mark Sieber

Inge Lannoy

Senior Credit Consultant

Inge Lannoy spent many years at a leading credit insurer, where she was responsible for supporting international key accounts as a Senior Account Manager. Following the merger of NCM Kreditversicherung with Gerling Speziale Kreditversicherungs AG (now Atradius Kreditversicherung), she managed the customer service of the international key account department for the region of Central and Eastern Europe at Atradius. During this time she played a key role in optimization of service quality as well as quality assurance vis-à-vis credit insurance clients.

Inge developed need-based coverage concepts for key accounts in the region of Central and Eastern Europe from September 2012 until leaving Atradius in February 2014.

Inge has more than 15 years of experience in the international credit insurance business – in customer support and the structuring of need-based del credere solutions – as well as her extensive foreign language skills qualify her to assume responsibility for support of the globally operating clients of km credit consulting gmbh.


Senior Credit Consultant Inge Lannoy

Stefan Heinzel

Senior Credit Consultant

Mr. Heinzel, who has a degree in business administration, has over 16 years’ experience in corporate banking and receivables management. Not only did he have a significant impact on the development and establishment of Coface as one of the leading providers of factoring services in Germany, but he also oversaw the structuring, implementation, and management of the asset-backed securities program (ABS) for the refinancing of the factoring business. Most recently, Mr. Heinzel was Managing Director of Coface Finanz GmbH as well as a member of the Regional Executive Committee for Northern Europe, where he was responsible for the strategic and operational factoring business of Coface in Germany. Moreover, he implemented a complex change management process within the scope of the Group’s strategic realignment.

As the Division Head for Key Account Management and as a company Director, he previously held a managerial function in credit insurance and, for over two years, was also responsible for the surety business as well as for individual hedging (single-risk cover). His focus was on increasing customer loyalty through the introduction of a systematic potential analysis and growing customer service activities, as well as the successful reorganization of the division.

Due to his consistent customer orientation and his extensive know-how in receivables management, Mr. Heinzel stands for both innovative and customer-oriented solutions as well as a broad network in the credit insurance and factoring market.


Senior Credit Consultant Stefan Heinzel

Markus Birkenfeld

Senior Account Manager

Markus Birkenfeld completed his vocational training as a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade and has a degree in Business Administration (University of Applied Sciences). In his seven years working as a Senior Advisor in the central account management at Atradius Kreditversicherung, he developed individualized and needs-based coverage and insurance solutions for a number of the credit insurer’s major national customers. Markus provided support to the sales department and advised them on all questions related to contract structuring as well as joining the sales team during on-site customer meetings.

Markus spent many years working as a customer service representative at Creditreform in Cologne, where he advised customers on the possibilities in avoiding bad debt losses. The consulting of credit bureaus, collection agencies, and rating solutions were at the forefront of his sales-related activities. His expertise is rounded off through his extensive experience and financial services know-how gained through additional product management positions in commercial leasing companies.


Senior Account Manager Markus Birkenfeld

Sandra Rokotta

Senior Account Manager

After completing her vocational training in office communications, Sandra Rokotta has gained extensive experience working in inside sales. She was employed for five years as an administrator in account sales at Thyssen Guss AG.

Thereafter Sandra spent nine years working as an administrator in inside sales at Hewlett Packard GmbH. During this job she encountered the subject of credit insurance from the point of view of the current customers of km credit consulting.

The billing, including the close cooperation with accounting (tracking payments received) as well as process responsibility for the validation of creditworthiness (HP), belonged to her area of responsibility. She was also responsible for advising customers regarding inquiries or complaints.


Senior Account Manager Sandra Rokotta

Karolina Olejniczak

Senior Account Manager

Karolina Olejniczak is a qualified insurance sales agent with a focus on credit insurance. After completing her apprenticeship at Coface Kreditversicherungs AG, she spent 11 years in the receivables financing business for Coface Finanz GmbH in Mainz prior to beginning her job at km credit consulting.

As a client relationship manager, she spent several years supporting the Coface sales force as a specialist for product solutions in factoring and reverse factoring in new customer acquisition. During the further course of her career, she assumed full responsibility for the subsequent structuring, accessing and implementation of the supervised new customer management.

A broad range of experience in the ongoing advising and managing of contract structuring for multinational corporations in the commercial credit insurance sector as well as in factoring help identify Karolina Olejniczak as a specialist in this product segment.

As a Senior Account Manager, Karolina Olejniczak has been a part of the km credit consulting gmbh team since April 1, 2016.


Senior Account Manager Karolina Olejniczak

Hürü Aral

Senior Account Manager

Hürü Aral earned a degree in international business. She gained her first international experience while on a one-year exchange program in Chicago, which was made possible by a scholarship from the US Congress and the German Bundestag. During her studies, Mrs. Aral worked for the reinsurance broker Guy Carpenter & Company GmbH (Marsh & McLennan Group) and for the reinsurance company Converium.

From 2010 until launching her career at km, she was employed at Atradius Kreditversicherung in Istanbul as a Senior Account Manager in the area of customer service and new business acquisition. Furthermore, at Atradius she was also able to expand her expertise in key account management while working at locations in Cologne, Chicago, and Baltimore.

Mrs. Aral has comprehensive experience in active customer relationship management between insurance customers and insurers and has been able to establish a well-founded knowledge in the structuring of international credit insurance programs.


Senior Account Manager Hürü Aral

Christoph Ciecielski

Senior Account Manager

Christoph Ciecielski studied business administration at the University of Duisburg-Essen, majoring in Accounting & Finance. Even during his course of studies, he was able to gain practical work experience in the steel industry, since within the scope of various internships as well as a work-study job with Salzgitter Mannesmann he was employed in various departments.

On January 15, 2013, after successfully completing his course of studies, Christoph joined the km credit consulting team as an Account Manager.


Senior Account Manager Christoph Ciecielski

Mirijam Tuchscherer

Account Manager

Mirijam Tuchscherer is professionally trained in banking and insurance with a focus on credit insurance. After completing her vocational training at Atradius Kreditversicherung and prior to launching her career at km credit consulting, she spent 10 years at Atradius working in the back office of the International Key Account department for the Central and Eastern European region.

As Senior Advisor, she supported sales managers for many years in both the acquisition of new customers as well as in the subsequent implementation of international credit insurance programs.

During the further course of her career at Atradius, she worked closely with the responsible account managers in the coordination of contracts for multinational companies and corporations, whereby she garnered extensive experience and expertise, particularly in this field.

Since September 1, 2016, Mirijam Tuchscherer is employed as Account Manager at km credit consulting and works closely with the senior credit consultants to ensure the best possible service for our clients.


Account Manager Mirijam Tuchscherer

Svenja Bastian

Account Manager

Ms. Svenja Bastian is a qualified industrial business manager who spent 10 years working for a globally operating corporation.

Upon completion of her vocational training, she earned a degree in Business Administration, where she gained valuable experience in the area of credit management and factoring. She thereby supported the company in the operational management and handling of the global credit insurance policies within various contractual models as well as within the framework of multinational factoring programs. In addition, Ms. Bastian was also responsible for the implementation of standardized global credit management processes within the company’s structure.

As an SAP key user, and along with her extensive practical process and user expertise, she was able to provide a significant added value to our process-related consulting competence. Ms. Svenja Bastian joined the km credit consulting team as an Account Manager on January 1, 2019.


Account Manager Svenja Bastian

Mario Habers

Account Manager

Mario Habers studied economics with a focus on banking and corporate finance, as well as controlling, accounting and auditing at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Following his successful degree in business administration, he started at Düsseldorfer Hypothekenbank AG in early 2009 as an analyst in the field of credit risk assessment for various customer groups. Mr. Habers also has a degree as Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA), supplementing his competency profile with the areas of creditworthiness and investment analysis.

In his more than 10 years of work for Düsseldorfer Hypothekenbank AG, he was appointed as department Head of Capital Markets Financing Credit Risk. Mr. Habers primarily dealt with the risk management of the extensive capital market portfolio.

With his analytical skills and extensive knowledge in creditworthiness analysis and risk management, he joined the km credit consulting team as an account manager since February 2020.


Account Manager Mario Habers

Anna Richter

Executive Assistant

Anna Richter studied economic sciences at Bergisch University in Wuppertal where her main areas of focus were marketing, service management and competition.

Within the scope of her Bachelor of Science degree, she was able to gain initial and relevant work-related experience during her time as a work-study student at the Technical University in Dortmund. During this period of time, Anna completed among other things a marketing internship at Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, where she was responsible for the analysis and assessment of key business data in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market.

After the successful conclusion of her Master of Science degree in Economics, Anna joined the km credit consulting team on January 1, 2015 and is responsible for finance, coordination of cooperation partners and the internal training coordination.


Executive Assistant Anna Richter