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Schooling for children in Rwanda


Schooling for children in Rwanda

The classrooms of Rwanda are the key to the future

Rwanda’s future development is extremely dependent on the education of its children. However, less than half of them will complete elementary school. The reasons are tied to the poor quality of teaching, deficient equipment in schools, poverty, and child labor. Within the scope of a specific project, we would like to help improve this situation.

Where education is not a given

In Rwanda, 47% of the population is under the age of 18. In order to help shape the country’s future, the children need to have access to a good education. Although the number of children who begin school is relatively high, more than half of them leave school early. In addition, the traditional view of gender roles makes educational placement more challenging. Pregnancies, social disadvantages, and violence prevent particularly girls from successfully completing their education.

This is what we eant to achieve

We want to use the donations to help improve the educational situation in the project districts of Bugesera and Nyaruguru. Within the scope of the project, teaching personnel will receive advanced training as well as new teaching materials and improved schoolroom equipment – measures that will benefit 6,900 students. Furthermore, parents of small children will be supported in the foundation of micro businesses. At a political level, the aid organization Plan champions the cause for suitable payment for educators in kindergartens as well as the inclusion of children with disabilities.



Project goals

  • Creating better educational parameters for 20 primary and secondary schools
  • Aiding 25 kindergartens and therefore approximately 5,250 young children through early childhood support measures
  • Enabling training courses for 125 caregivers and 1,000 parents
  • Realizing continued education for 100 teachers in the areas of improved teaching methods, violence prevention, and child protection
  • Establishing training on subjects of children’s rights and equality as well as promoting information regarding sexual and reproductive health



Monitoring and evaluation of project activities

The Bugesera and Nyaruguru districts, where the project will take place, are located to the south of Plan International’s Rwandan offi ce in Kigali. Throughout the entire project, everyone involved will meet there. They will discuss the project’s progress and the experiences they have gained and also make any necessary adjustments to how measures are being implemented. The project will be extensively evaluated midway as well as after its completion.

Project Reports Schooling for children in Rwanda (german)

pdf_iconPlan Projektbeschreibung Gute Bildung für Kinder in Ruanda [PDF 2.39 MB]

pdf_icon1. Zwischenbericht Ruanda (1st quarter 2019) [PDF 2.42 MB]

pdf_icon2. Zwischenbericht Ruanda (2nd quarter 2019) [PDF 3.85 MB]


Our strong partner

Plan International is an aid organization active worldwide to promote equal rights and opportunities for children. This children’s relief charity has spent more than 80 years helping girls and boys lead a life free of poverty, violence, and inequality. This religiously and ideologically independent organization operates on three continents and actively helps children in more than 70 countries shape our world’s future.






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